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Dr. Bansh Gopal Paramedical College

Location: Farrukhabad (Uttar Pradesh) Approved by: A.I.C.T.E. Type: Private


Welcome to Dr. Bansh Gopal Paramedical College in Farrukhabad, the ideal destination for those seeking a promising career in healthcare. Aspiring students who have completed their intermediate education can apply for admission at any time and embark on a journey towards a fulfilling profession in the field of paramedical sciences. 
The college offers a diverse range of paramedical courses tailored to suit individual interests and career aspirations. These programs include: 
Medical Laboratory Technology (M.L.T.): Equipping students with expertise in laboratory techniques and procedures to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Optometry: Exploring the world of eye care, students learn to assess, diagnose, and treat various eye conditions.
Operation Theatre (O.T.) Technician: Acquiring skills to assist surgeons in the operating room, ensuring smooth and efficient surgical procedures. Physiotherapy: Delving into the realm of physical rehabilitation to help individuals regain mobility and overall well-being. Radiology and X-ray Technician Learning the art of medical imaging to contribute to the accurate diagnosis of various medical conditions.  Recognizing the financial constraints students may face, the college has structured its fees to be payable in easy and convenient installments, making quality education accessible to all. 
Prospective students are encouraged to choose Dr. Bansh Gopal Paramedical College, Farrukhabad, and take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career in the paramedical field. The journey to making a difference in healthcare begins here!  The college campus is situated at BG Street, Nala Machharatta, Farrukhabad, offering a conducive learning environment with state-of-the-art facilities for academic and professional growth. Being the best paramedical college in Farrukhabad, it is a rare college to span and cover everything all about the future of paramedical studies in India.  Choose Dr. Bansh Gopal Paramedical College for an unparalleled educational experience and take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career in the paramedical field. Elevate your aspirations with the best paramedical college, where the journey to making a significant impact in healthcare begins! Apply Now

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Address: Katra Boo Ali B.G.Street Farrukhabad