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King's College, Announces Entry Into Indian Market In Collaboration With Global Education Venture

Updated On: 31 March, 2024   By: Admission

 The iconic British institution, King's College, with over 140 years of top-notch education under its belt, is teaming up with Global Education Venture (GEV) from Dubai to bring their A-game to India, particularly in Gurugram. 

These two heavyweights have joined forces to establish a network of seriously swanky schools that'll churn out the leaders of tomorrow. We're not just talking about your run-of-the-mill education here, folks. Nope, these schools are going all out with state-of-the-art facilities, world-class teaching across subjects like science, business, humanities, you name it!
But that's not even the best part. These schools are on a mission to shape well-rounded individuals who can think critically, solve problems creatively, and embody core values like honesty, perseverance, and compassion. Basically, they're aiming to create the whole package - brilliant minds and kickass human beings, all in one!
GEV has been given the exclusive rights to set up these King's College schools, and they've got a dream team of entrepreneurs, administrators, and investors who are pumping a whopping $750 million into this venture over the coming years.
The schools will likely offer the prestigious Cambridge curriculum leading to those coveted IGCSE and A Level qualifications, or the equally prestigious IB Diploma program. And get this - they'll be catering to students from as young as 3 years old all the way up to 18, covering that full K-12 journey.
Linda Nash, the big boss at King's College UK, is absolutely stoked about this partnership, calling it "an exciting opportunity to establish world-class schools" that blend the best of British education with state-of-the-art facilities.
And Richard Biggs, the CEO of GEV, is equally pumped, saying that schools like King's College offer an approach to education that's "of immense value to children everywhere," shaping them into "fully rounded, thoughtful, creative, and confident human beings." I mean, what more could you want for your kids, right?
But here's the real kicker - both King's College and GEV are committed to blending the prestigious British educational excellence with the vibrant cultural values of the host countries. So, you can expect these schools to be a melting pot of global perspectives, creating a truly unique and enriching learning atmosphere for students.
Bottom line
King's College is about to work its magic in India and beyond, shaping the next generation of global leaders, innovators, and all-around awesome human beings. Get ready for an educational revolution, people! This is going to be one heck of a ride!
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