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West Bengal To Introduce Centralised Admission To Colleges This Year

Updated On: 7 June, 2024   By: Admission

 The state of West Bengal is starting a new online system for college admissions this year. This system will allow students to apply to multiple colleges through a single application. Both parents and teachers support this change.

Previously, students had to apply separately to each college they wanted to attend. This process was tedious and time-consuming. The new centralized system will make applying to colleges much easier for students.

The system will also benefit colleges by taking pressure off them during the admissions process. Previously, unions had a lot of influence over college admissions, which created challenges for the institutions.

The government has been planning this centralized admission system for a couple years. Last year, the rollout was delayed due to colleges focusing on adopting the National Education Policy. But this year, planning started earlier.

In late February, the Directorate of Public Instruction notified colleges about providing details like number of seats, subject combinations, and fees for the new online system. Colleges have been submitting this information. Next, they will work with the IT company building the application portal.

The new transparent and efficient admission process is being welcomed as a positive change by students, parents, teachers, and colleges in West Bengal.

In late April, the West Bengal government announced a new centralized online admission system for all state-run colleges and universities at the undergraduate level. This system was supposed to start last year, but it got delayed due to pressure from unions involved in the admission process. These unions have opposed the single-window system until now.

The new system will bring transparency and allow students to easily apply to colleges across the state. College principals support the change as it will benefit both students and institutions.

Previously, the admission process was complicated. A student applying to 5 colleges would get admitted at the first college they were accepted to, even if their name later came up at a college they preferred more. The student would then cancel their initial admission and move to the new college. This process repeated, resulting in vacant seats at less preferred colleges.

The president of the All Bengal Principals' Council explained how the centralized system addresses these issues. With a single application, a student only gets admitted to their highest preference college where they meet the criteria. This prevents constant shuffling and vacant seats.

The centralized system also reduces corruption. Previously, some qualified students missed out on their preferred colleges despite having the required grades. The new transparent system ensures students get into the best college they are eligible for based on merit.

Overall, the online unified admission process aims to make college admissions fairer, less confusing, and more efficient for students and institutions in West Bengal.

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